Re:stash – Luxurious and Sustainable Branded Cannabis Storage

In the world of cannabis, proper storage is not just a convenience; it’s a necessity. Re:stash has emerged as a game-changer in this space, offering an innovative solution for cannabis enthusiasts who care about both the quality of their stash and the impact on the environment.

Re:stash jars are a brilliant blend of sustainability and functionality. These are not your average storage jars. Each jar is encased in a patented silicone sleeve, which is made from a mix of recycled materials and hemp fibers. This design choice not only demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability but also provides practical benefits like light protection and drop resistance.

The lids of these jars deserve a special mention. Crafted from FDA-approved Polypropylene, which incorporates 30% repurposed farm waste and hemp fibers, they are designed to be child-resistant, adding an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for users .

clip-in divider made from hemp

One of the standout features of the Re:stash jar is its versatility. The jar can be separated into two compartments using a clip-in divider known as the Re:vider, which is perfect for organizing different strains or storing smoking accessories like rolling papers and humidity packs .

Re:stash jars come in various sizes, accommodating a range of needs from small 4oz jars to larger 12oz containers. Each jar is shielded by an opaque silicone koozie, not just for durability and environmental shielding, but also for aesthetic appeal. The design is modern and stylish, fitting seamlessly into any decor.

Moreover, these jars offer a solution to the age-old problem of UV light degradation. The silicone sleeve effectively blocks harmful light rays, preserving the freshness and potency of cannabis. This feature is particularly appreciated by those who invest in high-quality strains and seek to maintain their condition as long as possible .

Despite their advanced features and sustainable design, Re:stash jars are surprisingly affordable. Prices range from $16 for the smallest size to around $20 for the largest, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers .

Re:stash is not just another storage option; it’s a thoughtful response to the needs of modern cannabis users who are equally concerned about quality and sustainability. With its innovative features, eco-friendly materials, and stylish design, Re:stash is redefining what it means to store cannabis responsibly. Whether you’re a casual consumer or a connoisseur, these jars are designed to keep your stash safe, fresh, and discreet, all while supporting environmental sustainability.