State of the Stoned: Navigating New York’s Red Tape

In New York’s rapidly evolving legal cannabis market, businesses both big and small are learning to navigate a web of legislation. State regulations aimed at controlling the industry are inadvertently hindering small businesses. These businesses struggle to flourish due to the Cannabis Control Board’s (CCB) well-intentioned but stringent regulations on packaging, labeling, marketing, and advertising, primarily focused on public safety and reducing attractiveness to minors. 

Since March 22, 2023, the regulatory framework has unintentionally created substantial obstacles for small cannabis companies. They face complex packaging and labeling requirements and strict marketing and advertising limitations, which don’t fully consider the realities of operating a small enterprise in this competitive sector.

  1. Canna Bookkeeper™️ CBKNY.COM
  2. Mike Casacci (CEO House of Sacci)
  3. John Averill (CEO of The Roaring 420’s Lounge)